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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Etsy Ireland: My People My Way

The Etsy Team visiting me in 2014 having some serious fun with Niki Collier's hats!
A few weeks back I got a letter from Etsy. They are starting a new program aimed at helping Etsy makers. There is a lot of times that Etsy teams help people... You know me. I am a one woman show- a felt woman from Ireland. So why should I be feeling special or noticed- I botique designer from a small country, making in a medium that is not yet made its mark? Well, as luck would have it, last year I was invited to their Craft Party and somehow I created this amazing relationship with the team, that they said they would come to visit me.

We do not get to see that many people in our studios so it is always pleasure to welcome someone to your den. A team from your Etsy HQ in Ireland (and US) came to my studio in the summer of 2014. It was an epic visit! Not least as I was compelled to cleaned my studio, which is always a challenge... And is never easy or pleasant task. But it was worthed! Seeing your practice and environment through the eyes of like minded people is like re-discovering the initial spark that made you jump into it... They got. They got how it makes sense that an old linen mill is now a home to variety of small businesses: printers, carpenters, garage, bakery, rock stars studios, publishing house, yoga joint and boxing parlour. We have it all. And they even got the chance to meet Steve from The Stunning I made a great connection with your team. We were talking hats, making, how to make Etsy work better for us. They all asked relevant questions, asked and took notes of the answers and appreciated everything we do.

Karo's hand next to her wonderful bowl in Etsy HQ in Dublin
 One of their members calls the Etsy Sellers her family. She met me to talk me through my shop. She gave me an invaluable Etsy Clinic. And it was outside her working hours. It is great to know that those who support us love what they do too, right? There is so much to learn about how to promote your work so you reach more people that appreciate what you do. Since myself and Karo from KaroArt have been at a lunch event with the Irish Etsy Team who have beautifully restared headquarters in the heart of Dublin City. Here is a bespoke bowl made for their headquarters in Dublin.
The Etsy guys rock! 

 I love being part of like minded folks that share my passion for handmade local pieces. I love that they instill the sense of purpose through the support we get every time I reach out to Etsy teams. It is great to know that there are those who are building a place where being who you are pays off. Whatever the weather in Ireland (very predictable as we all know) there is a spring in my step when I think that a girl from Barcelona is pouring her talent into a portal made to celebrate local makers.